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Detailed introduction of 5750 linear abrasion tester

Date: 21:43, January 17, 2022
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5750 linear abrasion tester is introduced in detail
The 5750 linear abrasion tester is suitable for testing the wear resistance of plastics, automobile accessories, rubber, leather and textile, electroplating, free disassembly components, paints, printing patterns and other products. It can be used to evaluate the abrasion resistance, scratch resistance (single or multiple scratches) and color transmission of products. Dry wear test and wet wear test can be carried out. The 5750 linear abrasion tester can test samples of any size or shape. It is ideal for wear test of products with profile surface and polished surface characteristics (such as wear resistance test of computer mouse and other computer or it products).
Test program can be set
·The position of the laser guided test sample can be set more than 999999 (note that the grinding head rubber may need to be replaced during this period) to ensure the accuracy of the test.

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